Fees chiropractic consultations 2022

Chiropractic fees are reimbursed quite well by insurances in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Introduction free
Chiropractic treamtent € 59,50
First visit (sport) chiropractic/ shockwave (~ 60 min):

– medical history, physical exam, report of findings

– treatment


€ 87,50

Follow-up consultation if you haven’t seen the chiropractor >1 year (ongeveer 30 min) € 69,50
Diagnsotic ultrasound € 69,50
Shockwave treamtent € 59,50
Kinesiotaping without treatment € 15,00

Reimbursement chiropractic in 2022

The reimbursement for chiropractic treatment is covered by the ‘additional’ or ‘supplementary’ insurance of your health insurance. Read more information here.

How many treatments are covered?

Because there is a big difference in reimbursement between the insurance companies and packages, we have made an overview of the  reimbursements for 2022.

No ‘own risk’

Chiropractic care will NOT claim your OWN RISK of € 385,- or higher! This only applies to reimbursement from the care covered by the ‘basic’ or ‘general’ insurance policy.