Reimbursement chiropractic treatment

The reimbursement for chiropractic treatment is covered by the ‘additional’ or ‘supplementary’ insurance of your health insurance. Chiropractic care will NOT claim your OWN RISK. This only applies to health costs which are insured by the ‘basic’ or ‘general’ insurance policy.

Most health care insurances reimburse (sport) chiropractic treatment fully or partially, depeneding on the insurance package you choose. There is a big variation amongst the different health insurances and the policies they provide.We do advise you to check your insurance policy or contact the insurance company if you want to confirm what kind of reimbursement you can expect. This will differ from company to company and will depend on the insurance package you chose. We have contracts will all Dutch health insurance companies since our chiropractors are registered with the NCA and SCN to ensure quality of care.

How many treatments are covered?

Because there is a big difference in reimbursement between the insurance companies and packages, we have made an overview of the  reimbursements for 2022. If your insurance company does not show on this list, this does not mean they will not reimburse chiropractic treatments. It just means that we do not have the relevant current information. Please note that some health insurance companies, like VGZ, UMC and Univé reimburse chiropractische treatment under the budget for ‘Exercise therapy’. This budget also covers the (supplementary or additional) reimbursement for other therapies like physio-, exercise- or manual therapy.

Payment policy

Chiropractic consulations can be paid with debit card. Upon payment, the chiropractic assistant will then give you an invoice and payment receipt that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement. You can choose to receive your inovice on paper or as a PDF over the email. Depending on what you prefer.  You can claim your reimbursement online, with an app on your smartphone or by sending the invoices to your insurance company over the mail. The amount that is reimbursed by your insurace policy, will than be deposited on your bankaccount.